Commercial and Transactional Law

Our commercial and transactional law practice areas overlap with our business entity, mergers and acquisitions, real estate and creditor’s rights areas of practice. Our message is simply this: This office has been engaged in the practice of business law for better than five decades, so there’s not much we haven’t seen or can’t address with our established network of colleagues in specialized area of the law.

Our clientele includes people and entities engaged in a wide range of business activity. While there is an element of sameness in what we do from business to business, the effective delivery of representation requires an understanding of the client’s business; recognition of what sets it apart from others (whether in similar or different businesses); assessment of its strengths and weaknesses; the ability to develop strategy, close deals, and minimize risk; and the ability to create structures, relationships, and contracts and other documents tailored to the client and designed to lead to fulfillment of the client’s expectations. We believe we possess those attributes and invite you to contact and inquire of us as to our familiarity with businesses of your sort and your commercial and transactional law needs.