Creditor’s Rights

We represent banks and other lenders not only in the enforcement of their rights in mediations and in State and Bankruptcy Courts, but also in the creation of loan documents, perfection of collateral interests, loan reviews and collection strategy. We also represent individuals and entities in the creation, preservation and enforcement of their creditor status, whether based upon contract, open account or otherwise.

Our practice in the area of debtor/creditor law has long been limited to creditor representation. Over the span of fifty years, we have represented South Dakota banks and lenders and those headquartered elsewhere having South Dakota customers, numerous national finance companies and many of our business clients in collection efforts both outside and inside courtrooms in South Dakota. We have considerable experience with Chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13 Bankruptcy Cases, mechanic’s and other liens, workouts and standstills, foreclosures, replevins, suits upon instruments, and post-judgment remedies and procedures. Historically, much of our representation in this area has been by referral from lenders and lawyers in recognition of our expertise. We endeavor to find creative solutions for problem accounts and, if possible, to do so civilly, but we never lose sight of the objective of realization of the benefit of the bargain the client struck with the debtor. We have a reputation for persistence and success.

Creditor’s Rights Lawyers