Who We are

After decades of case by case collaboration over the course of their combined one hundred years plus of practicing law, John Quaintance and Murray Ogborn, with the encouragement of his partners, formed Ogborn Mihm Quaintance, PLLC, in June 2019 for the practice of law in South Dakota and the representation of South Dakotans and their neighbors in South Dakota courts. OMQ makes available to its clients the integrated resources of Ogborn Mihm, LLP, from Denver and Quaintance Law Office P.C. in Sioux Falls, blending experienced business, commercial, and transactional lawyers with proven and accomplished litigators to provide the best of representation to our clients, from business, creditor’s rights, and real estate matters to
if or when preferable, meet with you face to face. The combined qualifications of more than
twenty between three offices in Denver, Sioux Falls, and Los Angeles provide
experience and top-end talent in high stakes lawyers
transactions and litigation.

How We  Help Our Clients

We pride ourselves on our legal skills and our ability to advise businesses as well as try any case, regardless of size or complexity. John Quaintance is the core of OMQ’s business transaction law practice. With decades of experience, both are qualified to advise businesses and individuals and help them achieve their business goals. Similarly, our highly experienced trial teams always keep in mind the client’s personal, business, and litigation goals while preparing cases for trial. In either circumstance, we include clients in case planning at every step of the process. Our goal is to quickly respond to our clients’ questions and concerns and address their practical needs. Additionally, our transactional experience informs our litigation and vice versa, providing a collaborative approach to any matter. OMQ is a pioneer in the use of focus groups, jury research, and courtroom technology to tell our clients’ stories when trial is necessary.

Meet Our Team

Our Legal Talent. Let Us Introduce Them.

How We Are Paid

While we routinely represent clients on a traditional hourly fee basis, we also often use alternative fee arrangements, such as contingent fees, hybrid fees, or project-based or flat fees.
Contingent Fees
Hybrid Fees
Fixed Fees
Flat Fees
About 50% of our clients hire us on an hourly fee basis. An hourly fee agreement is a contract between a client and the law firm wherein attorneys and para-professionals charge the client by the hour for legal services.
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A contingent fee agreement is contract between the client and law firm in which the client’s requirement to pay the law firm an attorney fee is contingent on the law firm recovering a settlement or judgment for the client. The client is not required to pay for the law firm’s legal services unless the law firm is successful in recovering money for the client.
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There are various types of hybrid fee agreements. An hourly rate plus contingent fee agreement – the type of hybrid agreement that we most often use – is a fee agreement in which we agree to accept a lower hourly rate than we would normally charge, but also take a percentage of any recovery as our contingent fee if we are successful.
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A fixed fee agreement is an agreement where the client pays a fixed fee for the legal representation, regardless of the time the attorneys and staff put into the matter. Fixed fee agreements are often used for finite legal tasks or in criminal defense representations, but can also be used in many different types of matters, such as more simple transactional matters, a simple breach of contract case, or a foreclosure proceeding. The client often is required to pay litigation costs in addition to the fixed fee.
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A flat fee agreement is an agreement where the client pays a monthly flat fee for the legal representation regardless of the time the law firm puts into the case during the month. Flat fee agreements can work well in a major case in which a team of attorneys and paralegals will be spending substantial time on the case each month, or where there are a series of similar major cases.
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Our Connections

Our lawyers are admitted to practice in California, Colorado, Florida, Nebraska, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, and Virginia. We routinely co-counsel with other law firms from around the country as their or our clients’ needs arise. We have offices in Sioux Falls, Los Angeles, and Denver.
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Let Us Help You  or Your Company

Please reach out to speak with one of our lawyers. We are the Firm to depend on for advice as well as action. Contact us now for a confidential consultation about how we can help you.
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