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Whether you are buying, selling, or leasing a home in Sioux Falls, a wide range of legal issues may arise at your property that require the assistance of a real estate lawyer. The team of real estate lawyers at OMQ is committed to ensuring that you are protected during any transactions, disputes, or zoning and development issues. We may be able to offer legal counsel, represent you in court negotiations, and assist in  mediation involving property boundaries, lease agreements, and other real estate matters. Contact OMQ today if you are in need of a real estate lawyer in Sioux Falls. 

Residential Real Estate

OMQ is able to provide legal assistance for matters involving both residential and commercial real estate.  Here are some examples of how a residential real estate lawyer may be of use to you:

Buying and Selling a Home

Buying or selling a home is often a major financial transaction for both parties involved. From the initial offer to the final closing, the home buying process is full of legal implications that require close attention to detail and careful consideration. 

A real estate lawyer can assist in drafting clear purchase agreements that include the price, condition of the property, closing date, and any other important information. A purchase agreement is a legally binding contract that clearly defines the conditions of a real estate transaction. This contract will generally include the expected obligations of each party involved and aim to avoid any potential disputes in the future. Our firm can offer customized agreements that are tailored to the specifics of your transaction. 

A real estate lawyer will also be able to provide assistance in reviewing any existing agreements prepared by the other party to ensure that you are protected during the transaction. Most importantly, an experienced real estate lawyer like those at OMQ will make sure that all contracts and agreements are in accordance with South Dakota real estate law regulations to protect all parties involved in the transaction. Hiring a knowledgeable real estate lawyer for your property transaction is strongly encouraged to guarantee that all contracts and agreements are clear, compliant with the law, and legally enforceable. 

Resolving Title Issues

In every real estate transaction, a title search is highly recommended to verify the legal ownership of the property. While not required by South Dakota law, it is considered standard practice to make sure that the property has a clear title and is free from any legal claims or liens. OMQ has a team of real estate lawyers who will be able to assist you in identifying any issues with the title before any transaction is made. Our firm can also offer support in ensuring that all title transfers are performed smoothly without any disputes. 

Negotiation Terms and Conditions

Our team of real estate lawyers will always have your best interests in mind. We have the experience and expertise required to negotiate the terms and conditions of your transaction to provide you with the most favorable outcome. Here are some examples of how a seasoned real estate lawyer can help during the negotiation process:

  • A real estate lawyer can help analyze and assess the initial offer, highlighting potential areas for negotiation like the price, closing timeline, and other terms and conditions. 
  • If the initial offer is not agreed upon, a real estate lawyer can draft a revised counteroffer that gets both parties closer to an agreement. Real estate lawyers are often talented negotiators who will fight for your most favorable outcome while finding a mutually acceptable agreement.
  • A real estate lawyer will ensure that all contingencies, including financing, inspections, appraisals, and more, are included in the agreement. 

Closing the Transaction

Finalizing a real estate transaction includes transferring ownership, securing payment, and properly recording all legal documents. Here are some of the ways that one of the trusted real estate lawyers at OMQ can help with closing:

  • A real estate lawyer will prepare all closing documents, including the deed, settlement statement, and any other relevant documents. They will be able to assist in ensuring that all documents are accurate and finalized. 
  • Real estate lawyers will also maintain constant and clear communication between all parties to ensure that the transaction is prepared for closing and everyone involved is on the same page. 
  • A real estate lawyer will oversee that all documents are signed, all dues are paid, and ownership is officially transferred. Having an attorney present will ensure that the closing of the transaction goes smoothly and meets all legal requirements. 
  • After closing, your real estate lawyer will verify that all documents are officially recorded with the necessary government offices. 

Hiring a real estate attorney to assist in the home buying and selling process will often help the transaction go smoothly and prevent future disputes. We have a dedicated team of real estate lawyers who can draft purchase agreements, conduct title searches, negotiate on your behalf, and help close the transaction. OMQ can provide invaluable legal support and advice that will make sure your real estate transaction is successful and stress-free. Contact us today for more information about how OMQ can assist you with all of your real estate transaction needs. 

Commercial Real Estate

Leasing and Rental Agreements

Commercial real estate properties are intended for businesses and office spaces, as opposed to residential real estate, which is reserved for tenants and housing. Commercial real estate often involves intricate lease agreements with a number of terms and conditions. Our team of commercial real estate lawyers at OMQ will work with landlords and tenants to ensure that lease agreements are clearly defined and fair for both parties. We will work to make sure that each party is in agreement on rent increases, maintenance requests, and tenant responsibilities. 

Property Management

We are able to provide landlords and leasing companies with property management assistance. A commercial real estate lawyer can provide valuable legal assistance in drafting management agreements, handling tenant issues like complaints and evictions, and addressing issues of liability.

What Are the Most Common Types of Commercial Real Estate in South Dakota?

  • Office Properties
    • Since the pandemic, the switch to hybrid and remote work has become more popular in South Dakota and the United States. Office spaces experienced a vacancy rate of about 14% in 2023. 
  • Retail Properties
    • Despite the growth of online shopping, the retail sector has remained strong. Properties like shopping malls, stores, and other developments have shown resilience, boasting vacancy rates of 4.1% despite rising rent costs. 
  • Industrial Properties
    • Industrial properties like warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities are all generally in high demand and have maintained low vacancy rates. While the surge in e-commerce and online shopping has resulted in increased vacancy for office properties, it generally keeps industrial properties full. 
  • Multifamily Properties
    • With the rising cost of housing and mortgage rates in the US, renting continues to be a popular option. Multifamily properties like apartments and other residential complexes often cater to families and groups of multiple individuals. The rising demand for housing has led to more construction and more available units, resulting in an increased vacancy rate. 
  • Hospitality Properties
    • Hotels, motels, and resorts play a pivotal role in South Dakota’s tourism and travel industry. Since the pandemic, hospitality properties have seen an increase in occupancy rates due to a growing demand for hotel accommodations.

The commercial real estate market in South Dakota is diverse and contains various different types of properties. Regardless of what kind of property is involved in your real estate transaction, OMQ has a team of commercial real estate lawyers who can assist in lease agreements, property acquisitions, contracts, land use and zoning, tenant relations, and more. Our firm has been trusted for years to provide fair and exceptional legal counsel to those facing real estate related disputes or litigation. If you are seeking professional assistance from a commercial real estate lawyer for your real estate transaction, do not hesitate to reach out to our team at OMQ today to discuss your case. 

Real Estate Disputes

In the commercial and residential worlds of real estate, there are many disputes that may arise during the transaction period and beyond. Some common issues that the real estate lawyers at OMQ have experienced include:

  • Boundary Disputes
    • When neighboring properties begin to encroach on each other, boundary disputes over the location of property lines may arise. Resolving these issues often involves digging up historical records and performing property surveys.
  • Breach of Contract
    • If a party involved in a real estate transaction fails to fulfill their legal obligations as outlined in a contract or an agreement, it can often lead to legal disputes. Breaches of contract disputes are most commonly in reference to lease or purchase agreements and construction contracts. The team of real estate lawyers at OMQ looks to resolve these matters effectively and amicably, seeking to ensure that all agreements are fulfilled. 
  • Landlord and Tenant Disputes
    • Common causes of disputes between tenants and landlords typically include things like lease violations, property maintenance, and, in some cases, eviction. Our real estate lawyers work closely with both landlords and tenants and are available to draft lease agreements as well as resolve disputes over rent, repairs, and property maintenance.
  • Construction Disputes
    • Construction disputes often arise as a result of delays, construction defects, and late or missing payments. It is recommended that a skilled real estate lawyer assist in reviewing construction contracts to ensure that all parties are protected. Our real estate lawyers are experienced in handling all of these issues and more, and can be trusted to help resolve disputes fairly and efficiently. 

We understand that real estate transactions usually carry major financial and legal implications. When a dispute arises, it can be extremely beneficial to have the assistance of an experienced real estate attorney to ensure that all matters are handled legally and effectively. We work with landlords and tenants, buyers and sellers, and anyone who is in need of resolute legal support during their real estate transactions. Do not hesitate to reach out to OMQ today for any questions or concerns regarding your real estate transaction. 

Zoning and Land Use

If you are in the development industry, understanding the zoning laws and regulations in the state of South Dakota is an absolute necessity. Our real estate lawyers are familiar with local zoning laws and are able to assist with issues like zoning compliance, variances, special permits, zoning disputes, and more. It is our privilege to help clients comply with zoning regulations, obtain the proper permits, and resolve any zoning issues faced during the development process. We want to help you achieve your development goals while respecting and adhering to the local laws and regulations. Our team of real estate lawyers can also provide advice on land use planning, environmental assessments, and community engagement, all while promoting sustainable, responsible development. 

In order to protect natural resources and public health, real estate development must comply with certain environmental regulations. Development projects involving hazardous waste, water resources, and endangered species often become more complicated and require the assistance of a real estate lawyer knowledgeable about local environmental laws. 

Real Estate Investment

Aside from preparing documents and resolving disputes, the real estate lawyers at OMQ are also able to help you develop investment strategies for real estate. It is helpful to familiarize yourself with market trends, property values, and acquisition strategies. Our team will be able to provide valuable legal support that aims to help you achieve your investment goals.

Come See How OMQ Can Help You Achieve Your Real Estate Goals

Whether you are involved in buying, selling, leasing, developing, or working on construction on a property, you need a real estate lawyer by your side to assist in all of the legal procedures that go along with it. From drafting and reviewing documents to settling disputes of all sorts, OMQ is prepared to help you handle your real estate transaction with ease. We understand the local real estate laws in Sioux Falls and have spent years successfully representing clients in real estate related matters.

If you are in need of a real estate lawyer for any of your real estate matters, please contact OMQ today to see how we can help guide you through the complex world of real estate law.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a real estate lawyer help with property disputes in Sioux Falls?

A real estate lawyer can provide valuable assistance in resolving property disputes in Sioux Falls. They offer legal counsel, represent you in negotiations or court, and help in mediating conflicts involving property boundaries, lease agreements, and other real estate matters.

What should I look for when choosing a real estate attorney in Sioux Falls, South Dakota?

When choosing a real estate attorney in Sioux Falls, consider their experience, knowledge of local real estate laws, and reputation. It is crucial to select an attorney who has a successful track record in handling real estate transactions and disputes specific to the Sioux Falls area.

How do I contact a real estate lawyer at Ogborn Mihm Quaintance, PLLC in Sioux Falls?

To reach out to us for legal assistance with your real estate matters, please contact us. Our experienced attorneys are ready to help you navigate the complexities of real estate law in Sioux Falls.

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