Significant Personal Injury

What is a Serious Personal Injury?

Our office provides hope for seriously injured people. We have the experience and the fortitude to fight for our client’s wellbeing and rights. Because this takes time and resources, we limit our representation to those clients who have serious injuries from a collision that have a significant impact on a person’s life. Serious include broken bones, spinal injuries, brain injuries and burns. Whether it is the result of a car accident, an eighteen wheeler colliding with you or a motorcycle accident, the financial and emotional devastation caused by a serious personal injury should be addressed immediately. OMQ Legal is the right firm to assist you.

Serious injuries often necessitate a lifetime of medical treatment. Accident victims may face decades of lost income because of their disability. In many cases an insurance company is supposed to pay for these damages. Unfortunately, insurance companies refuse to pay fair value for catastrophic injuries. Insurance adjusters are literally trained to under pay for personal injury cases. If you live in Sioux Falls, it is essential to hire a great Sioux Falls personal injury lawyer who knows how to force insurance companies to pay full value for your damages.

There are lots of flashy and boastful personal injury lawyers across the Country. The lawyers of OMQ Legal are not flashy or boastful. We work tirelessly for our clients. What makes our Firm different than lawyers that make a lot of noise on television? The lawyers of OMQ Legal actually have experience in preparing cases, trying cases in many different jurisdictions and making sure the details of representing injured people are attended to so that the client benefits and has the best chance at getting life back on track.

Your physical injury alone can’t describe what you experience. Along with the injury, we understand the emotional suffering, inability to work, damaged property, and loss of enjoyment of life are all very real consequences of serious injury accidents. More often than not, insurance policies exist to compensate victims for these damages. Without the right help, insurance adjusters will refuse to pay or will pay less than is owed. You need the right lawyer to make sure your rights and interests are protected and well represented. OMQ legal is the right Firm to help you.