Starting your own company takes courage, and we’re betting it is something that you are passionate about.  Our goal is to guide you through the process of protecting the company so that you can focus on that passion. We have decades of experience representing companies from formation forward, including through litigation, as necessary, succession, and winddown. Because of our experience, we can identify pitfalls and ask the tough questions to get and keep the company on the right foot.

Advising a startup is not just about giving legal advice, it is about getting to know you as the founder, your company, your goals, so that we can provide support both at the beginning and as your company begins to grow.  Our representation of start-up companies includes:

  • Advising on the timing of formation, incorporation and organization
  • Selecting the right type of business entity and assisting with filing the needed documents
  • Drafting bylaws, partnership, operating, and shareholder agreements with a view toward avoiding future conflict
  • Assessing the need for employee agreements, including non-disclosure, non-solicitation, and covenant not to compete agreements
  • Assessing the need for third-party services agreements
  • Assessing human resources needs
  • Considering tax implications
  • Discussing intellectual property needs
  • Looking into licensing and permitting needs
  • Preparing and filing annual registration documents

We want to be a resource for you, just as we have been for hundreds of other businesses.

Start-Ups Lawyers