Motorcycle Collisions

Led by Murray Ogborn and Mike Ogborn, each Sioux Falls, South Dakota natives and more recently each a past president of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, our trial attorneys have represented hundreds of clients in personal injury and wrongful death cases. We have recovered many millions of dollars to compensate our clients for their harms and losses. Let us share how we can help you and your family in your serious personal injury, product liability or wrongful death case.

Personal Injury Harms and Losses

Serious injuries can be devastating, not only to the injured person, but to that person’s entire family. Injuries frequently cause financial hardship, runaway medical bills, and years of painful recovery. However, the emotional impact of an injury on the family can often be worse that all other problems. OMQ Legal recognizes that personal injury can cause far-reaching consequences far greater than physical pain and financial loss.

Because motorcycles are often associated with dangerous behavior, insurance companies often look to blame riders in accidents. But in almost all cases, it’s another motorist who is to blame for an accident involving a motorcycle. As someone who rides, Mike Ogborn of OMQ Legal understands and has experienced the fact that people who drive cars often forget about paying attention to motorcycle riders. Whether it is taking a left turn in front of the rider, switching lanes without looking or pulling into a parking lot taking up all lanes of traffic, Mike Ogborn has experienced the event. He understands riders and the challenges riders face. Because of this understanding, he enjoys representing riders and has the skills necessary to help you if you have been a victim of a careless driver.

Motorcycle accident injuries are often serious – even fatal. They range from broken bones, bruises and scrapes to spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. Motorcycle accidents can leave riders paralyzed, as amputees, or with other types of permanent disability. While the hospital bills for a single injury alone can put a financial strain on the biker’s family, those who are permanently disabled in bike crashes often face a lifetime of medical bills and an inability to work.

At OMQ Legal we fight for innocent riders who have faced injury and harm due to careless drivers. We work hard and have success in making insurance companies compensate injured motorcyclists to the fullest extent possible.

Our clients have been able to claim monetary damages to cover their medical expenses, both current and ongoing, as well as money for lost income, rehabilitation and noneconomic losses like pain and suffering. HIRE THE LAWYER WHO RIDES MOTORCYCLES.


Mike Ogborn is a lawyer you call because he is a lawyer who rides. He understands what you are experiencing. Most of all, as a Firm, we empathize with you. Because of this, we charge no fees unless a settlement comes to fruition. Also, we understand many frequently asked questions need right away. Accordingly, we answer our phone 24/7. We have answers for motorcycle accident victims.

We are the lawyers you call because we understand your injuries, your losses and the uncertainty that you comes along with a serious injury. Most of all, we empathize with you.

What if my injury was minor?

Many injuries can be minor, at first, and then escalate. Many people avoid getting treatment, or hiring an attorney, because they think their injuries are minor. Then, later, the injuries get worse, and so too does the pain. Many injuries have symptoms masked, due to a rush of adrenaline. As the adrenaline in your body wears off, the symptoms from the injury start appearing. You start feeling the pain, and noticing the injuries. It’s crucial you get medical attention. Afterwards, it could be beneficial to speak to an attorney to understand what you may be entitled to. In choosing a lawyer, make sure the lawyer has experience in automobile collisions, the lawyer has experience in the courtroom trying cases in front of a jury and understand the nature and extent of your injuries.

OMQ Legal has experience representing those individuals who have been catastrophically injured, and we take only the most significant cases because we understand the time and attention required handle these cases. These cases can involve hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in medical care bills and lost income, in addition to the significant emotional and mental damages, permanent impairment, and disfigurement damages. OMQ Legal takes the time to learn about and tell each client’s story. In doing so, we ensure our clients receive the individualized attention they need and the legal representation required to recover as much as possible on their behalf.