Who Am I – Murray Ogborn

Video Transcript

MURRAY OGBORN: I am Murray Ogborn. I’m a senior lawyer in the law firm of Ogborn Mihm Quaintance. I have been a trial lawyer for 46 years.

Trial law is the only thing I have done in the field of law. I have tried cases in federal and state courts throughout the country. I have represented defendants and plaintiffs in almost every type of case you can imagine.

I am originally from South Dakota – Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I practiced law there. I graduated from the law school at the University of South Dakota. Left my small law firm and joined a national law firm which had its home office in Lincoln, Nebraska. I gravitated toward Denver because that was another office in that system. I saw the mountains, loved them and I loved the environment so I eventually settled here. Still love to travel throughout the United States and try cases.

Most of all I like representing people. It’s just something I take extreme joy in doing. I absolutely love being in the Courtroom. I love representing clients. It is the joy that I experience to the highest extent.